Sunday, May 23, 2010

The moth hour

There is no good reason for this picture to appear on a blog called Mister Meatball. It's a moth ferchrissakes. A moth that does not have a mouth, and so cannot eat.

On a food blog.


Six hours in a full-face helmet yesterday no doubt left me a bit dimwitted.

Still, I'm told that it's a rare enough siting that I should share.

This is one big mother. Six inches long, or close. It was in the same spot outside the garage all day yesterday.

And, yes, I Googled it ( It's a Luna Moth. I won't soon forget it.

Why a living creature that does not eat decided to spend the day at my house will remain a mystery.


Thomas Henry Strenk said...

So I saw that awesome photo and got excited. Somebody's finally going to show us how to cook those buggers, I thought. But no.
It's just some kind of lepidoptery show and tell.
WTF Mr. M. I thought this was a food blog.

Mister Meatball said...

tobyty: There was some discussion of a risotto, yes, but I am not a killer.

Other words, find your own creature to wreak havoc upon, dude.

I am not your man (er, meatball).

Alisa said...

Mr. Meatball, I love your blog! You sure make me laugh :)