Thursday, January 3, 2013

The four days of gluttony

Every year my friends Tom and Beth spend four or five days here in Maine to celebrate the new year. It is a nonstop food-and-drinkfest, of course, and it's rare that a meal isn't memorable or, at the least, photographed. Judging from some of the reactions to the foods we ate this year (check the Facebook page) I thought a recap might be enjoyable, and so here goes. (Note: this isn't everything we consumed, but you get the idea.)

The dish above is just something I threw together for the night my friends arrived. It's a long bus trip from New York and so a simple meal and an early bedtime usually is how things go the first night. The pappardelle are homemade and handcut; the sauce is an oxtail ragu that I'd frozen and saved because I knew Tom and Beth would like it.

Roasted veal breast served over polenta, courtesy of my associate.

One of the best seafood chowders you're apt to run across, also from my associate's hand.

As were these sauteed (in olive oil and butter) jumbo shrimp.

The whole suckling pig that we roasted in the wood oven was the highlight of the visit, for sure. However, as many find the sight upsetting, here is a detail of one of the pieces that landed on my plate.

Beth and Tom collaborated on an awesome pumpkin pie. There are crumbled bacon bits in the crust and a slice of candied bacon served along with the whipped cream.

My friend Ish dropped by one night with a mess of whole sardines, and proceeded to toss them into the wood oven.

The standout on New Year's Eve was this tourtiere, a combined effort by Beth and my associate. I'm speechless.

The last of the great Bordeaux that were hangin' in my cellar. Sorry to see them go but a real nice match with the meat pie.

As promised, Tom unwrapped a 3-year-old fruit cake. The boy makes a fine one, for sure.

New Year's brunch was homemade cotechino over lentls. (I'm working on a separate post about this which should be up on the blog in a few days.)

That night, the last of this year's visit, called for a super simple meal, and so homemade tortellini en brodo did the trick.

See you next year. I hope.


Claudia said...

"in the wood oven." Oh my! Jealous all over again! Holiday gluttony is a wonderful tradition - and if you're going for gluttony - you do it right! Happy 2013!

mikkyzs said...

this my friend is insane!...would have loved every bite!

Arlene said...

You all are my kind of people!!

Velva said...

I do believe I am speechless too. OMG, this was an awesome to enjoy gluttony.

There is nothing better than sharing good food, and good wine with friends.


P.S. I liked you on Facebook.

Bites from life with the barking lot said...

I'm overwhelmed

Anonymous said...

Wow whee, some kinda food and friends, familia..I wished I was invited, your dishes all homemade make my mouth water.Love your blog after I read them daily I make homemade food, my hubbs and friends go wild, why eat processed crap food when one can make good food I say. Have a most blessed year full of love, familia and food Ciao!X()

jerseypaulie said...

You must be in a food coma after that stretch of amazing vittles. Exactly when does your New Year's diet start?