Sunday, August 3, 2014

Pasta with onions & prosciutto

Next to a nice big bowl of pasta & peas, there's nothing quite as comforting to me as this stuff. My mother used to make it for me when I was a boy, usually when we were alone together, which wasn't all that often. With two brothers and around a dozen cousins all living under the same roof, alone time with anybody, let alone mom, was a rare event indeed.

Even today pasta with onions & prosciutto is a private dish for me. I never prepare it for anybody else. The only times I even think about making it is when I've got the house to myself. Hell, it's taken four years to share the recipe, if you can call it that, with you here.

Just saute an onion (a red one here but it doesn't matter what kind) and a little garlic in olive oil.

Once the onion is completely softened (but not browned) add some cut-up slices of prosciutto.

Immediately start to add your cooked pasta to the pan, along with some of the (well-salted) pasta water, turn up the heat and incorporate.

Then turn off the heat, stir in some grated Romano cheese, and serve.

To your well-comforted self, or whomever else you might choose.


Velva said...

A soulful and comforting dish. I can see why this dish is so special for you.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be great if we could bottle the emotions and feelings that we associate with certain meals? Then whenever we need to be comforted....oh, never mind.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for sharing how something so simple can be so fulfilling.

Best regards,


Dar said...

This is just perfect. I have a very special recipe for rigatoni pepperoni if you would like it.