Friday, October 1, 2010

Lasagne alla Bolognese

Heading out for a few days, to a land where they don't know from wireless, and so here's something for you to eat while I'm gone.

If you're not interested (That so?), or aren't hungry (The hell you doing here then?) do me a favor and toss it in the fridge. I'll have it when I get back.

I made you the pasta. (You're welcome.)

And the Bolognese sauce. (Pleasure.)

Bechamel, of course. (Piece of cake.)

The laying on of the pasta sheets. (A spiritual moment, no?)

Until I ran out of room. (And sauce.)



Claudia said...

I love spiritual lasagne.

Thomas Henry Strenk said...

Funny, it looks just like the pizza.
Except for that sauce, which is hardly a piece of cake to make (well, maybe the same effort needed to turn out a decent chocolate layer cake).

Jeannie said...

One of these days, you are going to show us how you do the pasta from scratch, no?

Malcolm said...

I kind of can't believe that I've never taken the time to put a bechamel in my lasagna. I will, for certain, next time.

Thomas Henry Strenk said...

Wait a minute. You got me so hot and bothered about that Frenchy bechamel sauce that I didn't even notice you're missing the ricotta!
I like loads and loads of that creamy grainy stuff in mine.
Are you really Italian?

Mister Meatball said...

Jeannie: Yeah, I'll do the step-by-step pasta one of these days, sure.

THS: If you had more vowels in your name you'd know that Lasagne Bolognese doesn't call for ricotta. Nice try, though.

KH said...

Thanks for updating your local faves section with Korea House's new name. Hope you come in and try some of the new dishes, but bi bim bop is hard to say no to!

Beth said...

Please Mr. M. I'm in serious need of a ravioli tutorial. thought i could do it last night, but the results were too embarrassing to share. Our mutual friend (THS) threatened to photograph them...