Friday, October 22, 2010

The lunatic is in the hall

I indulge my friends far too much.

Tom especially. The guy's too lazy to start his own blog, see, and figures he can just use mine anytime he wants. Like when he read my Lasagne alla Bolognese post a couple weeks back. He just had to make his own. And then show everybody.

I must put a stop to this, I know. But until the doctors get his meds straightened out I don't want to upset the guy, know what I mean? Just go ahead and click on some other link, let me do this thing so we don't have another "incident" with my friend.

I'll be back next week.

TOM: I swear it's a coincidence. Key Food had a sale on ricotta, a big tub of the stuff, and the best way to use it up is in lasagne. I mean if you don't use bechamel. Thought you might be interested in my non-Italo take.

MM: Lasagne, what a great idea, Tom. Good for you. Glad to see you doing so well.

TOM: Good lasagne starts out with fresh pasta. Note the curly edge; that's difficult to achieve.

MM: Yes, difficult, I can see that. How about we sing a song together, would you like that? "Ronzoni sono buoni. Ronzoni tastes so good." Wasn't that fun?

TOM: Two staples in my version are sweet potatoes (good for you, a superveg) and chorizo (well-known to prep cooks working in the best Italian restaurants in NYC). Si, Senor Meatball.

MM: Are you really supposed to be playing with knives, Tommy? Is Beth around? Let me speak to her for a second.

TOM: Layered in the dish with celery, red pepper, green olives. Lots of color. (Note the traditional Italian seasonings.)

MM: Seasonings, right. Now, I want you to stay away from the Bon Ami next to your pasta maker, okay. It's not for eating.

TOM: No bechamel in this lasagne, just plenty of ricotta spooned straight from the tub. There's some of that rubbery mozzarella in there too, and gratings of real Parmesan from Argentina.

MM: That's great, Tommy. Tell me again, what time do we need to be at that nice doctor's office today?

TOM: The finished dish. Come on, looks good, right? Tasty too. Ask Toby.

MM: Looks wonderful. Can't wait to try some. (Toby, for those who are not aware, is a stuffed bear.)

TOM: Of course I have half a tub of ricotta left. Maybe make a real Italo cheesecake? With sweet potatoes?

MM: Yes, do that.

(No, do not send me the pics.)



Velva said...

I just kept smiling throughout the post. I love the way you prepared this creative lasagna. Cheers to you!

Jeannie said...

That's your friend that you referred to as a lunatic? He's a good cook judging from that lasagna.

Claudia said...

You just led me to my past...Key Food... "Ronzoni sono buoni" (cannot get Ronzoni here)... I am 11 years old and walking to Key Food for Ronzoni. Oh! The lasagne! nicely done. Even if he won't get his own blog.

Mister Meatball said...

Please, ladies, don't encourage him.

I'll never get rid of the lunatic!!!!

Unknown said...

Re "Lunatic's" picture:

Note ready-to-bowl pose. Note location of pins vis a vis same. Note sweet potatoes. 'Nuff said?


Marcia said...

Lasagna recipe looks good.....I like the enabilization of the ruffles on the "homemade" noodles.....but sweet potatoes......the jury is out on that one....maybe I should try it.

Anonymous said...

I'll be happy to settle the question of sweet potato lasagna if the parties in question will please send me a rather large sample here in California. Wrap the dry ice well.